Beautiful Losers to premiere in beautiful Austin


I dropped many a cryptic hint about this announcement on UnBeige, but it’s official today that my new favorite documentary, Beautiful Losers, will premiere at my new favorite festival, SXSW, in a city so cool it doesn’t deserve to be in Texas. I’ve hyped this movie many, many, many times; actually one time for each of my close friends who is directly involved with its success, so you can take that hype any way you want. My review from one of the earliest screenings says it all, but this movie is all about staying young, making stuff and getting it out there, and I can’t think of a better place for it to premiere than SXSW, easily the biggest convergence of creative people I’ve ever attended.

Earlier this month, AIGA NY added a special screening for members only on March 28 (which I can’t believe isn’t sold out yet), but the word is that the producers are going to try to do similar screenings with other AIGA chapters à la Helvetica, the designer-nerd hit of last year. Also just like Helvetica, it will premiere early in the festival in Austin, so designer-nerds in town for the Interactive portion of the festival will get to see it. The big premiere is Sunday, March 9 at the Paramount Theater, but with Aaron Rose directing you know there will be some fantastic art component, and with Money Mark doing the score I have a feeling there will be a pretty kick ass concert somewhere in the vicinity as well.

If you can’t make it to the premiere, you will be rewarded for your patience by attending the second screening on Thursday, March 13 because that screening is at the Alamo Drafthouse, which is not only a place where you can drink beer while watching this movie, it’s also home to the greatest movie-inspired gift shop of all time. And we’re not talking kid-on-a-bike coffee mugs that are so obviously for E.T., we’re talking t-shirts for Sparkle Motion, which I doubt your commitment to sometimes. Here’s the schedule and, of course, the beautiful trailer, cut with love by editor Lenny Mesina and supervising editor Fernando Villena. Image above designed by Keith Scharwath, who also designed the poster, with a typeface by Geoff McFetridge, click to see it grow into a giant butterfly.

Update: Showtimes have been announced!
3/09/2008, 1:15pm at the Paramount Theater
3/13/2008, 4:00pm at Alamo Ritz 1

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  • rw

    I’m dying to see this, glad to hear it’s finally hitting the circuit. Though of course I’ll probably have to wait for the DVD.

  • Alissa

    rw, this movie is right up your alley! If anyone is interested in getting this to come to their AIGA chapter or other group let me know via email, I can get you in touch with the producers.