Flavor of the Week: Obamania

In which I look back at the week and try to encapsulate its essence into one delicious flavor.


Designers for Obama: Ev-erybody’s talking about Obama. Baracksteady gets a musical endorsement from will.i.am and a slew of celebs, propaganda by Shepard Fairey going for $400 on eBay and, like, a bazillion dollars in 48 hours or something like that. My Brit ex-pat pal Alice Twemlow (who can’t vote, incidentally) gives the greatest compliment of all in the NY Times: Obama is a Mac! But why would he want to be president anyway when Washington is Hollywood for Ugly People?

Super Bowling: Besides the fact I couldn’t double-dip the guac like I usually do, I think overall it was less boring than the usual Sunday spent in someone’s apartment drinking Budweiser for five hours. The Stewie vs. Snoopy balloon race for a Coke made me bawl; Tom Petty’s performance was pure Americana bliss (beard malfunction notwithstanding); and—oh my god!—the game was actually good, too!

Microsoft might buy Yahoo: Khoi Vinh tells why design couldn’t save Yahoo from its eminent demise. Are either of these companies Apple or Google? Then I don’t care.

Fifteen minutes of fame: I’ve often pined that graphic design isn’t given a fair shake at fame, but a new game by Design Observer—kind of a separated at birth for graphic designers—aimed to change all that. Not only are they putting faces with names, they’re elevating these people to celeb status. And they managed to piss some people off in the process. Awesome!

Not one to Dwell: I got an inboxful for what I wrote about Dwell earlier this week, but the best criticism came from editor Sam Grawe and design director Kyle Blue themselves at a party they had here in LA. They were extremely nice but basically, I got schooled, and rightly so. And now I see why. On BLDGBLOG, Geoff Manaugh gives the backstory on his contributions for the new issue, and says it was the first time he’s had an impact on content. So with this March issue, I’d say Dwell’s evolution is much more evident. I still wanted to know what was up with the tie-dye cover but that was answered when I saw Kyle’s shiny gold sneakers. They’re breaking the rules on purpose, and that’s very cool.

Via Lenny Mesina, flavorpill, UnBeige, Keith Scharwath, Andrew Blum and Khoi Vinh.

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  • http://tokyofarm.com Spencer Cross

    >The Stewie vs. Snoopy balloon race for a Coke made me bawl

    I think you mean “Stewie vs. Underdog.” 😉

  • Alissa

    Spencer! How did you know that wordplay would be rewarded on this website? +3 points!

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