Great job!

Great job!

As I’m reporting stories I always come across little tidbits of information that might not make it into print. So before the story gets published, I’ll pass them on to you as free samples.

Yesterday, I got to spend the entire day at the studio of, also known as the daring comedic ingenues Tim Heidecker and Eric Wareheim. Besides reliving my days in production and feasting upon the endless bowls of Reese’s Pieces and towers of Twizzlers, I got to watch the production of Nite Live, a weekly live internet show produced right here in Hollywood. As last night’s show will attest, it is extremely live.

I realize some people out there may not be familiar with the brilliance of Tim and Eric, so I have assembled this brief video tour (and yes, Tim and Eric are so brilliant that entire episodes of their shows are posted on the internet for all to see). Besides their live show, Tim and Eric also have two shows on Adult Swim: Tom Goes to the Mayor and Tim and Eric Awesome Show, Great Job! which not only has most intelligent graphics on television, it has the best guest stars: Bob Odenkirk and David Cross, The Shins, Rainn Wilson, Jeff Goldblum, and the great John C. Reilly, who plays local weatherman Dr. Steve Brûle. I didn’t get to meet John, but I saw a bodysuit that was being prepared for him to wear the next day. Eric told the costume designer to add more hair.

I interviewed Tim and Eric for a very important upcoming story and our interview took place on the same couch where they composed jingles for Tom Skerritt (not Brad Garrett). And I got to use the bathroom that’s prominently featured in the video of the Bird and the Bee song “Polite Dance Song” which was directed by Eric (note the excessive use of needlepoint art). If you liked that last clip, you will most certainly enjoy guest star Palmer Scott in this Awesome Show segment, “Sit on you.”

Tim and Eric will be going on tour for a few months this year, kicking off with a huge show at the Echoplex on May 5. If you’ve enjoyed our time here today, I assure you, you shant be disappointed then. Otherwise, you will be inconsolably disappointed.

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