Fritz Haeg and his Edible Estates are delicious

Everyone’s got Fritz Fever! You’ll remember we had Fritz Haeg on DnA last month, and since then a bunch of other pieces have popped up about the author of the new book Edible Estates: Attack on the Front Lawn. First there’s this video online at Dwell, where you can see Fritz’s style sense is as highly developed as his knack for landscape architecture. Nice scarf!

Then don’t forget to read this piece by Jade Chang in Metropolis, where once again Fritz is looking sharp in a v-neck undershirt and tasty Fedora. Jade also blogged about the “jam session” Fritz held at MOCA PDC last weekend with the guys from Fallen Fruit, where guests walked away with jam made from city-foraged loquats, grapefruits and oranges. Loving how these like-minded groups are collaborating more and more on fun events. It’s so very LA.

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