On Today’s DnA: The Kaufmann House, and it’s a small world after all

neutrahouse.jpgRichard Neutra’s Kaufmann House (right) goes on the block at Christie’s on May 13, so Frances chats with a bunch of experts who answer the question: Is it architecture or art? It’s the first time a residence has been offered in a fine art sale like this and it could go for as much as $25 million.

Can’t swing the $25 mil? You can get in on the action by ordering a pair of J.Crew chinos or perhaps some 7 for all Mankind jeans, where the house was featured prominently in promotional pieces this spring. What a coincidence!

Then Frances talks to Disney Imagineer Kim Irvine (you’d think they’d make her change her name to Anaheim) about the changes to It’s a Small World at Disneyland. You probably heard that the ride originally closed for renovations because the boats needed to be widened to accommodate, um, larger passengers, something I can vouch for since our boat got totally stuck last summer somewhere between Canada and the Eskimos. They came over the speaker and told us to to lean to the right.

But you might not know that drastic artistic changes are also planned for the ride. According to blog chatter Disney characters will be incorporated, and in the ultimate offense, the Papua New Guinea rainforest will be cut down to make way for something called Up With America. The ride was created by one of my heroes, artist Mary Blair, and her family has issued a statement asking Disney not to alter her work. But Irvine, who apprenticed with Blair, defends Disney’s decisions to change the ride and assures us we shan’t be disappointed. We can judge for ourselves when it re-opens later this year.

Finally, the favorite building of the show is the residence of architect Ray Kappe, who is also the designer of the pre-fabulous LivingHomes prototype in Santa Monica. You can take a tour of the Kappe residence with a scruffy David Duchovny in this clip from the Showtime show Californication, where the house does some beautiful acting.

Update: Reader Steve says that’s a Kappe but that’s not the Kappe and he’s right. Although I saw the item on SCI-Arc’s website that said it was the Kappe residence (and you’d think they would know), it’s actually the Benton House, according to Curbed LA.

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  • Steve

    That’s a sweet place, but it’s not Ray’s house, although I think it’s possibly another one he designed on the same street on which he lives in the Palisades.

  • http://www.gelatobaby.com Alissa

    Thanks Steve, you’re totally right! I had remembered seeing this on SCI-Arc‘s website, where they said it was the Kappe house. But you’re right, according to Curbed LA it’s the Benton House.