Elena Manferdini at SCI-Arc for Core77

After recording plenty of audio interviews, my first Straight to Video production for my good friends at Core77 features the delightful Elena Manferdini and her elegant MERLETTI<inter>LACE installation at SCI-Arc. If you haven’t seen it yet, it’s up until May 11 and definitely worth the trip downtown.

I shot this with my new Flip Ultra, which I highly recommend (Mac users need to install this free plug-in, but otherwise, no issues whatsoever). Still working on improving the sound quality (I’m gluing acoustic tiles to my closet walls right now) and optimizing the export from iMovie, but overall, I think it turned out great. Thanks to Elena and everyone at SCI-Arc who shot my b-roll for me. See, that’s one of the benefits of having such a cool little camera: Everyone wants to play with it!

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  • http://www.minus-five.com minus five

    great. now i have to go buy one.

    that’s some cool work, for sure. and congrats on the first video. you did a good job.

  • http://www.gelatobaby.com Alissa

    Thank you! And I am sorry for making you purchase electronics. However, be assured it only will cost you $179.99 at the Best Buy in West Hollywood.

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