Not forgetting Sarah Coffman


A few months ago I got an email from someone I had never met, asking for advice. She specifically asked for none of that “look into my heart” stuff, so I ended up offering her something somewhere between profoundly awkward and vaguely impossible because, really, I never expect people to actually take my advice. So a few months later, when I got a letter (yes, a real letter) from Sarah Coffman, thanking me for my advice, with a few business cards, and an invitation to her new site, I nearly pitched forward out of my chair and into this very laptop on which I write to you today.

Not that I’m taking the credit for any of this, but Sarah—a gifted designer, photographer, illustrator and writer—has created this very sharp and incredibly funny universe to house her many creative pursuits. All her art’n’stuff is there, but she’s also got a bunch of extras from a list of current obsessions to her own questions for you. Her Little Books I Make That You Might Like To Make makes me want to make little books; her Things You Should Know Before You Eat With Me makes me want to eat with her, but strictly for the entertainment value. She’s very kindly added me to her list of They Make Me Want to Live One More Day, right before Debbie Millman, who is coincidentally someone who makes me want to live more days as well.

But I only just today noticed the best part about her business cards, the fact that they are printed on cereal boxes, which you will find as a topic in many of the links above. I don’t even know Sarah Coffman, but I know that all of this is very her.


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  • minus five

    hey, thanks for writing such nice things and for giving me my own scores and highlights page. you should go ahead and take credit for a fair amount of what’s ended up coming from our conversation. somehow i knew you would be hard on me and not feed me full of crap.

  • Jessica

    Hey Alissa! Great site, I haven’t checked it out in a while but saw the link on le blog d’Minus. Go Minus! Go Gelato!

  • Alissa

    Scores & highlights, I love it! Thanks to both of you for reading. Nice to know PC is still turning out such upstanding young ladies. Go Violet Tiger!