A Walker in New York


Begin in Hollywood. Ditch your car and spend a year-and-a-half walking pretty much everywhere. Change up your career, start a new blog, and have a sudden urge to write a book. Keep walking. Hear that Chronicle Books is starting up a new series of walking tour books. The new City Walks guides will focus on walks with architectural destinations, starting with New York. Walk around Los Angeles and think about walking around New York. Write a proposal, send it off, cross fingers. While walking (how ironic), receive a call. It’s a lovely editor offering the gig! Prevent jaw from hitting concrete. Run, don’t walk, all the way home. Turn to friends who will have great advice about their favorite architectural walks in New York. Begin research, buy new sneakers, pack. Sublet a place in the city, preferably in Brooklyn (any leads appreciated). Arrive at the end of May. Stay through mid-July. Spend the summer walking the streets of New York City. Hope to see some of you there.

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