Pulling out the Campaign Stops

icr3022-2t.jpgAs part of his ongoing series on the New York Times blog Campaign Stops, Steve Heller asked me and three other design industry folk to comment on the merchandise sold by the presidential candidates. In “From Mousepads to Piggy Banks,” Steve also talks to Julie Lasky, my editor at ID, Allan Chochinov, my editor at Core77, and Karrie Jacobs, who is not my editor anywhere but who wrote the awesome book The Perfect $100,000 House: A Trip Across America and Back in Pursuit of a Place to Call Home.


Steve has pulled together a nice analysis of the online stores and I love hearing from my fellow design mavens. I am also extremely excited about seeing myself referred to as ‘Ms. Walker.’ But as always, I am probably most entertained by the post’s comments. For example:

Can we stick to matters of substance? The candidates are running for the presidency, not for a contract to run the airport souvenir shop.

A very good point. As is this:

I wonder who made this paraphernalia. Was it all made in USA? Is any candidate selling sweatshop products?

And my favorite:

Hillary is also selling pander and lies.


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  • http://www.dailymonster.com Stefan G. Bucher

    Good morning, Ms. Walker. First of all, nice new peeps image! I like it.

    Yeah, all that campaign merch… ugh. Will that “Got milk?” thing EVER die? It was great when it first came out 13 years ago, but hell… it’s just so threadbare now. It’s the funny, funny joke that every last person in the world can pull off. Can I also have a shirt that says “With a name like Obama it has to be good!”?

  • Alissa

    Good morning Stefan! I know, the fact that Obama did that makes me think less of him, it’s sooooo lame. I’d love to know who did it first, though, him or Hillary. The best idea from the comments of that article was a “White Guys for Obama” bumper sticker. I think that one would have been a big seller!

    Thanks for the peeps props!