Eat My Words: Hard Core77 blogging


For the next few days I’ll be live-blogging the Art Center conference over at Core77. The theme is Serious Play and last night’s opening was pretty seriously fun. Should be a good time; as you can see from this illustration Jeff Decoster drew of me at the last Art Center conference, I just kick back, relax, and type 1456 words a minute for twelve hours at a time until my fingernails pop off.

While you’re at Core77, check out “La Tour Awful: The Truth Is Rendered” a piece I wrote about that Eiffel Tower proposal that got everyone buzzing a few months ago.

Okay, back to raking my bloody fingers over the keyboard.

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  • Stefan G. Bucher

    Nice to have your entries of a conference that was so close, yet so far away. I’m usually a true blue Art Center alumnus, but their conference bespeaks such a weird combination of greed and low institutional self esteem that I can’t bring myself to fork over for it. Looks like it’s my loss, but one of these years we’ll both be invited to TED and then the drinks are on me.