Eat My Words: Field-Tested Books

ftbbWe interrupt the pounding of pavement to bring you this required summer reading list. The sharp minds at Coudalswappers of meat, players of layers, and curators of the imagination—asked me and a bunch of other writers to “field-test” books, meaning read a book in a place that inspired it (or sometimes in the place you just happened to be when you picked it up).

Field-Tested Books, then, is a collection of essays written by all those writers about those books and those places. As I alluded to when I visited Charles Bukowski’s apartment back in April, I wrote about his book Women, a field-test that could only take place in Hollywood: Enjoy.

So after you read that, I do suggest you get cracking on the other 60-odd essays, which I think is some of the best writing I’ve seen this side of the internet. But it doesn’t have to be that way! This year, in addition to ordering the beautiful poster by John Solimine, you can order a printed-on-demand Field-Tested Books Book which is made from real pages. My only question is, next time, will someone field-test the Field-Tested Books Book?

Thanks so much to Jim, Steve and the rest of the Chicagoans who made this happen.

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