Ten things I learned in Times Square today


W. 42nd Street is now NEW 42nd Street.

Now Available!

McDonald’s serves Vitamin Water?

Port Authority error

The Port Authority is running Windows. (How awesome would this be as an Apple ad?)

Her chest is the size of a typical New York apartment

Jenna loves diamonds.


The kid in the Crazy Coupe doesn’t like ferris wheels.


My favorite pizza place was still serving the best slice in Manhattan.


And across the street, the best Italian in the city. I love New York!


I definitely did not want to venture into this place.

Coming Soon

Walgreens is coming soon.

More photos of ads (and other things, I swear).

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  • http://www.createbyret.blogspot.com Rachel T

    Oh my gosh… you are hilarious. I loved everything. I love your sense of humor. My fave was the kid in the Crazy Coupe. :)

  • http://www.portigal.com Steve Portigal

    Hmm – Rachel has me wondering if you were being dry about sbarro. I mean, what about Famous Original Ray’s?

    And have you been to a Papaya Hut or similar? My favorite fast food in NYC.

  • Alissa

    Hey, if Sbarro is good enough for Michael Scott, it’s good enough for me! I went to Gray’s Papaya on the Upper West Side once. Good but the pina colada was non-alcoholic!

  • http://www.gelatobaby.com Alissa

    Also my sister tells me it’s Cozy Coupe not Crazy Coupe, which should tell you what we were doing with ours in our driveway.

  • http://www.minus-five.com minus five

    i love times square so much. mcdonald’s also has sweet tea now. a big 32 oz for $1. the olive garden picture made me realize i need to get to a chain restaurant immediately.

  • niem

    look out NY! i was just in phoenix and it looks like walgreens likes to take over all four corners of almost every intersection. i guess all those old folks need easy cadillac access to their meds and mixers. gelatobaby never ceases to amaze. when are you going to extend the brand and hire foreign correspondants?

  • http://notomatoesplease.com Rachael

    Oh god, the Olive Garden! When I passed the Times Square location, a tear could not help but come to my eye, it really is the best Italian in New York. An opinion that was only bolstered by so many mulleted men and women wearing Tweety bird t-shirts enjoying their unlimited salad and breadsticks.

    Ahh Sbarro…I heart you Michael Scott.

  • http://www.buy-bird-food.com/finch-food/ Summer

    Very nice post, I share the same position about this.

  • ST

    You come to NYC and have Sbarro and Olive Garden, and then call OG the best Italian in NYC? No wonder you are in LA.

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