We all scream

Andean blackberry & corn (with cinnamon) from Cones

Andean raspberry and corn (yes, corn!) from Cones. They put a little dusting of cinnamon on the corn.

This is the real deal. Hazelnut and coffee at Sal’s in Carroll Gardens. Where they don’t need those pretty cups or spoons, no sir.


This made absolutely no sense. Two rows of perfectly good looking gelato were behind the glass. Usually “trouble with the freezer” means that you need to give it away as fast as you can for free, which is exactly what they should be doing. As I explained this logic to the woman behind the counter she looked at me as if I was the kind of person who is just crazy enough to have a blog named after gelato.

More craziness.

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    corn? sick. that’s definitely not allowed in this neighborhood.