Little Brooklyn


When I lived in Hollywood my address was followed by 1/2. Everyone always asked, what does that mean, you got half of an apartment? You know, like a John Malkovich kind of thing.


The houses located on Dennett Place in Carroll Gardens get full integer addresses, but half doors.


Are you just supposed to duck when you go through them?


Or are they secret portals that lead into another person’s subconscious? Thanks to Sarah for pointing out this small wonder.

More one-size-fits-all Brooklyn.

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  • Rachel T

    Very very interesting!!! Are they for storage? Or are they really entrances? Looking at the door-knocker, I’m guessing the latter?

    Come to my blog to see another pint-size space. :) I was going to see if you thought it’d qualify for “Small Space, Big Style”. I’d like to get your take on it. :) ha