The real Little Italy


I was feeling a little down the other day and I knew there was only one thing that could cheer me up: Going to Little Italy.


But not the Little Italy you’re probably thinking of; I’m talking about the one in the Bronx.


Arthur Avenue has more than a dozen Italian food shops and restaurants that have been passed down from family members for over 100 years.


Plus there is an incredible indoor market where you can stock up on everything from cappicola to cannoli to these beautiful green Cerignola olives.


Everything is fresh, legit and delicious.

There are tons of restaurants but this was my favorite concept. You walk up to the counter, tell them what kind of fish you want, and they pile it on a plate with lemons. Top it with one of a dozen condiments they have out and eat it right there.


Of course I had to stop for gelato. This was pistachio, but please note that it’s not fluorescent green. It actually tasted like nuts.

More international flavor.

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