Famous or what


During my walks, my zealous documentary nature (camera to face, staring at addresses, taking feverish notes) made many people think I was doing something much more suspicious than researching architectural walking itineraries. I think most people believed I was a private investigator or insurance adjuster as they watched me warily back through their windows. But other people, and rightly so, believed I was some kind of talent scout for America’s Next Model-Slash-Deliveryman. I made a promise to those people, and I’m delivering on it now.


First, this Fed Ex guy in Brooklyn. When I shot the brownstone next to him he made a face like he was hurt. “Why don’t you want to take a picture of me?” he asked. Before I could say of course I did, he had put together this pose of jovial hand gestures, while his friend, obviously more shy in front of the camera (or perhaps unable to make clear hand signs in gloves) just giggled and looked down. “So are you gonna make me famous or what?” he asked as I started to walk away. At the very least, I said, I could put him on my blog. “Make me famous,” he nodded, as if that was all it took.


Another row of brownstones, this time in Harlem. This guy from Oz Moving (that’s ozmoving.com should you ever need “the wizard of moving”) actually put down his boxes just so he could pretend he was just happening to strike this laid-back pose on the sidewalk by the time I walked by. “What’s that gonna be in?” he asked. “GQ?” I wish, I said, but it’s just for my blog. “Well, all right!” he said, and started humming as he hoisted his boxes back up into the air. The boy’s got talent.

More famous photos.

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