Farewell fair New York

Reflecting on the city

You were loud, crowded, dirty, cranky, moist, and sometimes you smelled worse than the insides of the shoes I wore every day for two months (without socks). But I shall never forget the kindness (and gelato) I found in your shadowed streets.

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  • http://www.portigal.com Steve Portigal

    And all the great photos and stories; of which I assume we’ve only see the tip of the iceberg here! Hooray!

  • http://gfox.tumblr.com gfox

    Thank GAWD! Come home already!

  • http://www.minus-five.com minus five

    This place is going to miss you. And that is the most amazing photo! Where did you take it?

    If you ever need a place to stay when you’re in town, call me up.

  • Alissa

    Thanks, all! I took that photo in Williamsburg after it rained one day. I think it was somewhere around Kent and 6th? Here’s another version from the same spot.

  • Liz

    What can we say – LA shook with excitement to have you back. So glad you dropped in on the fly-over zone on your way to LA. We look forward to the final product of you summer adventure.