Virginia Postrel and Kate Coe go Deep

Two of the smartest writers in town, Virginia Postrel and Kate Coe, are now collaborating on Deep Glamour, a blog that explores glamour “in its many manifestations, from movies, fashion, and advertising to real estate, politics, and sports.” You might remember from reading Postrel’s blog Dynamist that the author of The Substance of Style is working on a new book about glamour, and as part of her research for that, she’s also written some absolutely fantastic stories about the search for authentic glamour in contemporary culture. (One of my favorites is a profile of Julius Shulman, which I gave a shout out to when I was at UnBeige.) Kate was once my compatriot in crime at—she eviscerated egos at FishbowlLA while I was at UnBeige, but she always had a blossoming design blogger inside her.

What I love about the topic of glamour—other than the fact that no one out there covers it, or talks about it much these days at all, for that matter—is that it certainly covers all the things I love, like design and architecture and fashion and food and travel and even tech, but only the very best parts, when its creators are truly trying to evoke this very specific, emotional response. It’s not an easy thing to do, but you’ll always recognize glamour instantly the moment you see it. And then, of course, you’ll want it.

There will also be lots of guest bloggers on board this glamour train and one of the first is another very smart local writer I know named Kate Hahn, who has written an absolutely hilarious book called Forgotten Fashion: An Illustrated Faux History Of Outrageous Trends And Their Untimely Demise. Kate graciously sent me an advance copy of this summer and I would turn to it when I needed to remember to be funny as I was pounding away at the keys/pavement. If you’re looking for a guffaw or two out of your usually-humorless fashionista friend this holiday season, buy them a copy of this book. I promise they’ll enjoy laughing at themselves.

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    Thanks! You’re the absolute best to notice us. Now, of course, I have live up to this.