Eat My Words: Mr. Sean Bonner’s Neighborhood

Having just moved to a new neighborhood, I’ve been frantically trying to nail down my local services—coffeeshop, farmers market, and most importantly, gelateria—by culling recommendations from my neighbors, longtime residents, and my best friend, Internet. But it wasn’t always so easy to find local information online. For that, you’ll want to thank one Sean Bonner, who co-founded the Metblogs family of more than 30 city-specific blogs back in the olden days of 2003. When I recently interviewed him for Good, Bonner put this whole conundrum so, so beautifully:

“People think the great thing about the internet is that you can connect with the world,” says 33-year-old Sean Bonner, one of the founders of Metblogs. “But I want to connect with the guy down the street. I want to know what my neighbor thinks is the best sandwich in town. Or a secret shortcut to get home at night.”

Bonner is a guy who has had an internet presence longer than most web hooligans have been alive (he’s still a web hooligan, though:  case in point). But he’s not stuck behind the computer, he’s actually out there working the neighborhood. He rides that shiny bike up there everywhere and in just the first few days I started following him on Twitter for research, he went to our ‘hood’s infamous gelateria Scoops almost every day. How could I not take his advice? “Neighborhood Watch” is in the September/October issue of Good.

And while I’m talking up Good, I should mention that they not only have a new home on the internet,, they’ve also moved into shiny new digs over on Melrose (I swung by there on Parking Day). They’ve got tons of stuff planned there for their month-long, end-of-the-year spectacular Good December, so I’ll be sure to keep you posted!

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