Eat My Words: Artecnica’s new showroom

It’s always a great experience when the people behind a company you admire are just as open, smart and enchanting as the products they sell. That’s how I felt when meeting the people behind Artecnica, who opened their first showroom here in LA on October 10. Founders Enrico Bressan and Tahmineh Javanbakht have wrangled the top designers in the world to collaborate on “design with conscience,” pairing them with artisans and manufacturers from third world countries. I went knowing that I’d get to speak with Tahmineh about their new space, but I was blessed with an “extra bonus,” as he might say, when I also got to interview the adorable Tord Boontje about his new product line, Witches’ Kitchen. It was a great party where I was thrilled to see all my favorite people who are engaged in similar do-gooder pursuits. Of course. On ID’s site, there’s a longer interview with Tahmineh, or you can see the video bigger and more beautiful here.

A lot of people have emailed me asking how I make these videos. I have a Flip Ultra I bought in January and I love, love, love it (although there are some newer models now you may want to try). There’s a QuickTime plug-in you have to install on Macs, but otherwise the Flip’s files work great in iMovie, where I do all my editing. The trick to making it look good online is in exporting the file properly for whatever site you’re uploading to, so make sure you hunt around for tutorials and experiment to find out the right settings for you. Now if I could only work on suppressing my own giggles while I’m shooting…

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