Scary movie

With Halloween only a week away I decided it was my responsibility to share this ancient, yet authoritative guide to one of the holiday’s most important traditions.

That’s my sister Beth as the host, wearing what was likely a Forenza brand shirt purchased at The Limited, her bangs miraculously levitating high above her forehead. My cousin Matt and brother Luke are the trick-or-treaters, wearing various pieces from Luke’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle collection (we often campaigned, successfully, to wear our costumes year-round). And I have to applaud my cousin Josh for playing both a man and a woman, with improv skills obviously gleaned from watching plenty of Saturday Night Live during the early-90’s heyday. And of course, that’s me behind the Sony Handycam, absorbing it all for a side career in amateur video-making later in life.

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  • Tina Kempin

    Alyssa- That’s an awesome video. Nice work Walker clan!! Beth was a great narrator!

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  • Ellen