Smoke gets in your eyes

With Los Angeles ringed by fire, people want to know, besides the permeating mist of Real Campfire Scent®, besides your clothes smelling like the cheap incense your hippie neighbor insisted on burning illegally in the dorms, besides the ash on your windowsill being thick enough to write on, how bad is it? No, really, besides the inability to wear your contacts, an ever-present ball of phlegm in the back of your throat, and black soot dripping from your nose, how bad is it? Well, if you must know, here’s the best way I can think of to illustrate it.


I take a photo of the sunset from the studio almost every night. Here’s one from October 6. Beautiful clear sky, and you can catch just the edge of the sun slipping behind the Santa Monica Mountains.


Here’s one from November 4. Rare traces of clouds scattered across the sky, a nice blue to orange gradient.


November 12, another fantastic one. Again, just a smattering of clouds and that lovely warm glow.


And here’s one from Saturday night. Actually, “night” is a bit deceiving because it’s not really photo of the sunset at all. It was taken an hour earlier than all the rest. After a day spent in perpetual twilight, this was the last time you could make out the sun at all before it slipped behind the haze.

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