On Today’s DnA: Back to the handmade, and hand-crafted poetry by me!


As I hit the skies for what is potentially going to be the most painful travel day of my life, a quick post to remind you to listen to a special holiday and year-end episode of DnA today at 2:30pm PST (or stream or podcast using the icons added after the show). This month has a theme that’s most near and dear to my heart as Frances talks about a return to the handmade with Jenny Ryan, founder of the excellent Felt Club and director of the new Home Ec department at my favorite neighborhood design store, ReForm School. She also covers the opening of the pretty new Heath Ceramics store here in LA (I covered the opening for the Architect’s Newspaper blog) and has some fantastic tips for hosting high-style soirees with low budgets from Ron Woodson and Jaime Rummerfield.

Then, don’t touch that dial! After reading my “The Night Before Layoffs” at the last de LaB, Frances commissioned me to write and read another piece “rapping up” the year in DnA. I’m really looking forward to hearing the results…apparently engineer extraordinaire Ray Guarna tricked it out with music and a beat.

If you want to read along while you listen, we’ve posted the entire poem on the DnA blog.

(Oh! And the buttoned-up winter wonderland scene above? That’s a detail from a pillow, handmade by my talented mom.)

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