The greatest love of all

In case anyone has been fretting about what to get me this Valentine’s Day, stop your shopping and just buy me this. I think I’d probably wear a medium?

You’ll have to trust me about the fact that I didn’t suddenly decide to print sweatshirts proclaiming my airbrushed love for myself. This is being marketed on Amazon as the I Love Alissa Walker Sweatshirt. It came up in a Google Alert. For a brief moment, after I clicked on the link and before the Amazon page loaded, I thought I had a fan club.

Of course the sweatshirt doesn’t actually exist, and it’s obviously some kind of marketing ploy for custom printing. But there’s no contact information, and the vendor comes up as invalid. Plus, how was this image even generated with my name? Has this kind of fake site replaced those companies that send you those pens printed with your business name on it? Is this the new egocentric-streetwear spam?

Anyway, I gave it a glowing review.

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  • minus five

    i’ll make you one and put it in my zazzle store. while i’m at it, i’ll make myself one too.

  • the communicatrix

    That tshirt is redundant. In both senses.

    However, I spy with my little eye the greatest group prank evar for your next birthday.


  • Kara

    I went through a similar experience when I found a “Scharwath’s Beer and Ale” sign for sale on ebay.

  • Chris

    Sweet… no pun intended! And it caught your eye.
    I try to tell my sales people to remember that a person’s name is their favorite word, though few will admit it.
    Nice blog!