Eat My Words: Creatively Engaged

design2008-1As you know, I’ve been spending some time with the GOOD people lately. And you know what? They really are good people. So I was thrilled to write a little design-year-in-review for their annual State of the Planet issue. “Creatively Engaged” covers everyone from Starck to Sinclair, Smith to Pitt, plus the awesome Designers Accord, as you can see from the design-in-action montage to the right.

I think the most important thing you can infer from the piece is that you can’t be a designer unless you use your hands when you’re talking.

While we’re on the subject of GOOD, I’d love to hype their daily news show, GOOD News. It’s clever and topical and has quickly become one of the highlights of my day. You didn’t know they had a daily news show, did you? Or that it was hosted by the animated anchor Roger Numbers. No really, he is animated.

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