Just Obama(‘s designers) and me

Designing ObamaFor those of you residing in the San Francisco area or already planning to be in town to attend Compostmodern (where I’ll be once again coming out of liveblogging retirement), I’d like to tack on a bonus evening of design programming to Compostmodern’s exceptionally well-curated schedule. And when I say bonus, I also mean in the sense that it’s free.

I’ll be moderating this very exciting event named Designing Obama on February 19. The evening will feature Sol Sender, creator of the Obama logo (and recent staff addition to VSA Partners), and Scott Thomas, designer of the Obama campaign website. These men and their teams, I think it’s safe to say, have changed the face of political advertising. Ye olde stars, stripes and serif type just ain’t gonna cut it anymore.

The event is, as I mentioned, free, you just need to RSVP, and it takes place at 6:00pm at The Morgan Auditorium at the Academy of Art, located at 491 Post Street. I hope to see you there, but in the meantime, I’d love to hear what you might want me to ask these two creatives. This review of a previous event moderated by Steven Heller in NYC just might provide some food for thought. See you then!

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