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Gelatobaby patches

I’m especially psyched for this especially long weekend and, my, what a weekend it will be: Friday the 13th, Valentine’s Day and President’s Day all in a row! In all my haste to bake a cake of Abraham Lincoln in a heart-patterned hockey mask, I’d almost forgotten to celebrate another very important milestone: The one year anniversary of this blog.

Yes, it was just over a year ago I said my hellos and welcomes and challenged everyone to make the most of Leap Day (which I ended up spending in Helsinki—wow, has it really been a year?). We’ve been to Denver and Seattle and made a surprise trip to Glasgow, Scotland together. You’ve even spent a long, sweaty summer in New York by my side.

Triple scoop patch

So I’d love to give each and every one of you out there the very first Gelatobaby product, the Gelatobaby Patch.

But seeing as I am a remedial seamstress at best, I think I’d be sewing myself right out of a writing career.

So, the first five readers who drop a comment (or send an email) telling me which of your favorite flavors of gelato you’d like to permanently affix to your clothing will get a custom cone, hand and machine-stitched to a canvas backing, complete with fusing for easy iron-on. Each Gelatobaby Patch is made from at least one piece of fabric snipped from clothing I’ve outgrown from eating too much gelato.

Just post a comment saying which two or three flavors of gelato you’d like me to scoop onto your cone. (Or maybe two flavors and a certain topping? I like a challenge.) Don’t post your address, I’ll contact you via email for that, and I’ll even throw in a Scoop so you can enjoy your Gelatobaby Patch* in fully-branded style.

Thanks to all of you for sticking with me throughout the year. That’s why I want Gelatobaby to stick with you…perhaps on your favorite cardigan.

Have a great long weekend.

*WARNING: Application of the Gelatobaby Patch will not reduce gelato cravings.

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  • Ian

    The combination of Bacio (chocolate hazelnut), Nocciola (plain hazelnut) and Cocco (coconut) is pretty tough to beat. Great idea!

  • Alissa

    We have our first winner, with a stellar combination; it’s kind of like a Mounds bar! And bonus points to you Ian, for “ordering” in Italian. Now, off to find bacio-colored fabric…

  • Ian

    It is like a Mounds bar. Yum. I wish I knew how to say Peter Paul in Italian….come to think of it, it’s probably ‘Peter Paul’.

  • minus five

    do i get to win? i like pink and orange and oft-white flavored gelato.

  • Andrew

    Hey do i get one!? :)

    I think i need to go back and re-read some of them New York posts!

  • Alissa

    minus five, you win, and oft-white colored gelato sounds delicious.

    Andrew, you win, too, but you have to tell me your favorite flavors so I know what kind of cone to build you!

  • Andrew

    Oh and to finish that thought…

    Nothing more would please me than to have Morello cherry and wedding cake flavored Gelato affixed to me in some way… ALL of the time!

  • molly d.

    how about peach, cherry, and lemon? alissa! anything that explorers might eat on a bike trip in michigan??

  • Alissa

    molly d., of course! You win! A Michigan bike-riding gelato special! Just be sure to keep it away from the raccoons.

  • gottfried mangione


    and by the way: thank you for your interesting and funny blog. it feels good that someone out there carries about design like you do!

  • Alissa

    Yay, we have five winners! gottfried mangione’s chocolate-lemon combo is our fifth winner. And thanks for the nice comment, too.

    I’ll get to work on these, and you all have a lovely Valentine’s Day.

  • gottfried mangione

    yippiieee! thank you very much!

    and a happy valentine’s day to you!

  • Pam

    DRATS, I guess I am too late. Would you consider SIX patches? Chocolate hazelnut, without a doubt. Love love the blog, Alissa.

  • Alissa

    Yes, of course! I will make a special exception for you, Pam!

  • Pam

    YAY. Thank you. I will wear it everywhere.

  • Gina

    Alissa! I’m so glad I found your site! The contest is a cute idea, although I know I’m a bit too late. I was hoping though, that you could answer a question for me. I just purchased a gelato machine (Lello Gelato Pro 4090) and tried a few online recipes. I finished churning when it got to a nice soft-serve consistency. It was a tad icy, but I figured it was the best I could get it. So if it was eaten at that moment, it would be acceptable (not as good as Whole Foods gelato at $21.99 a quart). But after I put it in the freezer, it froze rock solid! Now what do I do? All 3 types (chocolate, chocolate cinnamon chili pepper – my own concoction – and pineapple coconut) are solid. My freezer is set at 6 degrees. What am I doing wrong? Do you have some foolproof easy recipes? Thanks so much!!!! By the way, I only used 1% milk milk, no cream or eggs. I was trying to go low fat. I’m also wondering about using soymilk instead of milk. Bad idea? Thanks again!!!

  • Alissa

    Hey Gina, I’m no gelato-making expert but because we don’t have the customized gelato coolers that the pros have, our homemade concoctions will never have the consistency you’ll find in a gelateria. Ice cream comes out of the maker at the soft-serve consistency you mention, then “ripens” in the freezer, making it a lot more firm. Especially if you’re using milk only (and if you’re not using eggs or cream you’re really just making a type of sherbet), it’s going to freeze completely solid and be very icy. When that happens, I just give it a few minutes at room temperature to soften and still eat it all.

    But the real trick to keeping ice cream super-pliant while frozen? Higher fat content. So I’d suggest using the eggs-and-cream recipes that result in more of a custard if you want a scoopable ice cream. Or stick with your milk-only recipe if you want something healthier, knowing you’ll just have to defrost a bit.

  • Gina

    Thanks for your reply Alissa. Yes, I’ll keep experimenting with recipes. I want to make some to give away to friends and family, but I want to get the recipe right first. I’ll keep watching your posts. I loved where you wrote how your laptop became your pillow! Happens to me all the time! You take care!

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