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I know, I know, it seems like every Wednesday now there’s something good at GOOD. Well, this Wednesday is no different! On March 11 GOOD is launching a new initiative in conjunction with Knight Pulse, the Knight Foundation-based online community about the future of news and information. They’ve picked five (actually six) LA-based people—including me!—as their first GOOD Community Leaders. Actually, I wanted to be called “community organizers,” but this is great, too.

It’s really exciting for me since my fellow Leaders are people whom I’ve known about for quite some time and I plan to be completely starry-eyed around them. Edgar Arcenaux, the mind behind the visionary Watts House Project, who I finally met at Big City Forum last week; Kelly Coyne and Erik Knutzen, the happy homesteaders who have converted their Silver Lake bungalow into a self-sufficient farm complete with city-dwelling chickens(!); Sonja Rasula, whose twice-a-year art and design fair Unique LA has quickly become the coolest way ever to buy local; and Eric Steuer, director of arts and culture programs for Creative Commons, fighting for our right to collaborate freely.

We’ll all give short presentations about our work including the projects that we’re planning with the help of GOOD and Knight Pulse. For me, I hope to continue all the momentum we’ve got going with GOOD Design LA, including GOOD Design LA with Art Center, an upcoming GOOD Design event at the CEOs for Cities annual meeting, partnership with Design Ignites Change to bring the program to local high schools, and a few other goodies…

The action kicks off this Wednesday, March 11 ar 7pm. Please RSVP here. I hope you can make it, but should you need more convincing, there will be free Red Stripe for everyone in attendance. Hooray, beer!

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  • Lowell

    Hey Alissa!

    I attended the GOOD initiative last night, and was impressed witht the work you’ve been doing. I was wondering, what are the next steps?


  • Alissa

    Hey Lowell, thanks so much! Next steps are: If you’re a designer who wants to solve a problem, tell me. If you’re a school who wants to bring this project there, tell me. Casey and I are heading down to CEOs for Cities next week. Then we have a bunch of events lined up for April where we’ll start to bring interested people together, so watch this space for announcements!

  • daddy

    I knew you were good – but I thought you were “better”