Just a reminder that I’m coming to you from Austin, Texas until Tuesday where I’ll be covering SXSW, which this year stands for Seattle x Siberian Winter (it is currently a rainy 41 degrees). Thanks to my friends at Fast Company I have discovered the Hula Hut where I’ve managed to stay warm by lining my stomach with chips (as well as using the insulating power of four chip condiments including jalapeno ranch). Has anyone tried a hot margarita?

Queso-drinking contests aside, I’ll be doing one thing in moderation, and that’s Tuesday at 3:30pm when I’ll be joining Scott Thomas and John Slabyk for another discussion about the design of the Obama campaign: Designing Change in America. Hope to see you then, or sooner on the internet, or even sooner than that on The Twitter.

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  • minus five

    jalapeno ranch is the most awesome stuff ever.