A time to Peep

Orange chicks

I don’t get to see my Peeps as much as I’d like—it seems like most of the year they’re nowhere to be found. But that’s why Easter is a special holiday:  It’s the one time I get to see all my Peeps together, with good foods, good tunes and most importantly, good gelato.

Salted caramel!

This was an especially big year because our friends at Paciugo Gelato sent us some special flavors from their Hermosa Beach store that they wanted me and my Peeps to try.

Even dogs like it

Arnie was especially excited.

Ready to party

Some of my Peeps carpooled, which you know I appreciated. That’s what I like about my Peeps, they always stick together.

Green thumbed Peeps

The Peeps with green thumbs helped with the gardening and other party preparations.

Bloody Mary bar

They even helped me set up the Bloody Mary bar, which was, in hindsight, a mistake.


After a few hours all the alcohol was gone and my Peeps were completely wasted.

Peeps pyramid

I don’t know if your Peeps are like mine, but when it comes to alcohol, they’re like little sponges. They totally started showing off.

Eames Peeps

Their behavior started to scare some of the other guests.


Then I found some of my Peeps up in the studio, cutting up all our important documents.

Piggy Peeps

When I came back to the kitchen I was shocked! My Peeps had eaten every bite of the Mediterranean Sea Salt Caramel gelato and almost all of the Stracciatella. Luckily I had another container in the freezer.

Frozen Peeps

But of course my Peeps had already gotten into the Amarena Black Cherry Swirl and Amaretto Chocolate Chip.

Flower Peeps

Don’t ask me what happened next but my Peeps were totally out of control. Apparently this tree in my backyard has these seedpods that apparently have hallucinogenic qualities? My Peeps gathered underneath this tree and soon they were all tripped out.

Worshipping a false god

After that, things really started to get weird. My Peeps gathered around this cake my friend Emily made and started chanting.


Some of my Peeps started playing music, this really loud, ridiculously awful jam band music. Some of the songs were like 45 minutes long.

Out of control

We started finding my Peeps everywhere, drunk, passed out, puking…sometimes all three.

Drunk driving Peeps

A few of my Peeps stole the keys to Keith’s car and went for some kind of drunken joyride.

A sad day

Which, sadly, ended in tragedy. But I think everyone here learned one very important lesson this Easter. Don’t ever let your Peeps near your gelato.

Peeps cream

Or, be sure to always enjoy your gelato with your Peeps.

Check out the X-rated Peeps gone wild photos and some more refined Peep shots.

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  • http://kthread.com Kristen

    best. peep. post. ever.

    loved this narrative, laughed all the way through! I want to hang with these Peeps some year—

  • Sarah Weatherbee

    Amazing! So great to peep with your Peeps. Hopefully we can make this an annual tradition :-)

  • Alissa

    Thanks, Kristen! I have some of my Peeps in the freezer. I can roll them out whenever you come to town next…

    And Sarah, so great to see you guys! Hope you don’t mind but I’ll definitely be bringing some Peeps to the wedding.

  • http://www.sknitter.com Terry Lee Stone


  • http://flux.net Meg

    Alissa this post was hysterical. Love it! Keep hangin’ with the peeps…

  • maria


    your gelato photo is amazing !!! are you on facebook?



  • http://www.whatattractswomeninfo.com Jacob Bradley

    Nice blog, keep up the good work and thank you for sharing. :)

  • Melody

    Alco-peeps?! Never dreamed it was poss!

  • Melody

    Alco-peeps? Never dreamed it was poss!

  • Melody

    Alco-peeps?! Never dreamed it was poss!

  • Melody

    Alco-peeps? Never dreamed it was poss!