Eat My Words (for real): Some Alexandra Grant Love


As regular readers of this blog know, I never, ever make mistakes. Except for that one time, but the authorities were never able to prove I was solely at fault. And besides, a few of those kids said they liked spending the night alone in the desert.

All kidding aside, in my excitement to tell you all about the piece I wrote on the Watts House Project yesterday (and probably in my excitement to write it), I didn’t take much time to like, actually read it. But something felt funny in my tummy after I picked up a copy in print. And when I realized my error…well, there’s nothing quite like feeling your stomach switch places with your intestines, is there?

So, um, the famous artist who created the “Love” sculpture that will grace one of the houses of the Watts House Project? The same artist who created a beautiful Love necklace that is being sold to raise funds for that house? That’s Alexandra Grant. One more time: Alexandra Grant. The Alexandra Lange person I attributed all that to in the piece? Well, she’s pretty great, too. But she’s an architectural critic who I was reading a lot while I was proofing my NY architecture guide. I got my freelance wires crossed. And that, my friends, makes me feel like a turd. A supreme turd. With a side of extra turdy sauce.

Since I won’t be able to fully fathom how horrifically stupid I feel until I finish headbutting my laptop later on tonight, in the meantime, I think there’s only one way I know to try and make it up to The Real Alexandra:  Manual labor.

You see, Alexandra’s just begun work—with my friend, architect Mike Niemann, who will also probably never let me live this down—on the Cerant house, where the Love sculpture will eventually be. And for the next two weekends, they need volunteers to help with the landscaping and stormwater catchment system (courtesy of my other friends at Materials & Applications). I don’t know how many drought-tolerant shrubs I’ll have to plant to dig myself out of this mess, but gosh darnit, I’m going to try. See you there on May 3; RSVP and more information here.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I need to go to Honor Fraser, the gallery that represents the great artist Alexandra Grant, to buy at least 100 Alexandra Grant Love necklaces. I think one of them will look really good next to this gigantic dead albatross around my neck.

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