May the 4th be with you, always

wishful_drinkinglargeWell, cover me in a bunch of crappy CG explosions and call me “Special Edition,” but I did not know until a few minutes ago that it was Star Wars Day. Correction: That there was a Star Wars Day. Maybe the marketing just kicked into high gear. Or maybe it’s just another Hallmark-created holiday and soon we’ll be sending our family members cards with messages like “I am your father” and “My love for you is deeper than a Sarlacc’s digestive system.”

At any rate, today’s the day where you can comfortably ride the bus dressed like Princess Leia (The Darth Vader I saw walking through Los Feliz Saturday? A little early.) You can swing by the local cantina (and stay there until Cinco de Mayo—what holiday synergy!). But don’t drink too much, or you might end up in rehab.

Or you can be like my family and celebrate a real Star Wars holiday, the birthday of my brother, Luke.

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