Melt with you


Thanks to everyone who checked out our little project yesterday, either online or in-person. I think it was a huge success for the Academy of Art to really get the word out about the Spring Show, plus it was great to see so many of you lining up for the Pop-Up Gelateria! My personal favorite combination was Stracciatella and Salted Caramel, but I also heard some really good things about the Nutella and the Dark Chocolate. And, okay, I also thought Pistachio and Strawberry Sorbetto were pretty great, too. A huge thanks to Gelateria Naia for all their hard work!

It was an exhausting but exhihilirating day. In the morning we improvised through the prerequesite tech hiccups (Randy actually had to spend the first part of the day at a Starbucks down the street to get a more reliable internet connection), but as the day wound down (and the wine rolled out) we couldn’t help but feel a little sad that it was all about to end. You can check out all the video interviews from yesterday, more than 400 photos taken by a roving band of photographers, some longer blog posts, and of course, all my Tweets.

A huge thanks to Pam Williams, Kim Rogala and Linda McNair at Williams + House for approaching us in the first place to do this. Thanks to Randy J. Hunt and Ross Pike and everyone at Citizen Scholar without whom none of this would be possible. And thanks to the Academy’s school of graphic design—namely Mary Scott, Phil Hamlett and Hunter Wimmer—for not only letting us invade a corner of their operations, but making sure we were fed and watered throughout the day. And of course, thanks to Elisa Stephens and everyone at the Academy of Art University. We can’t wait to come back next year. Start building that blogger cage!

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  • missy

    Congrats! The pictures looked like it was a real hit (especially the gelato!).