Eat My Words: Sneaker freak

june09_biomshoeHow come in all of my journalism classes, none of my professors ever mentioned that in addition to all the perks of the writing life—like, you know, uncovering rampant corruption or being an advocate for human rights, blah blah blah—how come no one mentioned that someday, somehow, as a working writer, you might get free shoes? And they might possibly be pink?

If I had this information about ten years sooner, I would never, ever have considered that little foray into advertising.

Yep, I think maybe the best day of my career so far was when two pairs of Ecco Biom running shoes—in beetroot and sustainable white yak leather. Yes, yak. Yes, yak—arrived on my doorstep along with an assignment: Run.

Run as far and as fast as you possibly can in a month’s time. Follow the training program developed by Danish triathlete Torbjørn Sindball. Wear these shoes, listen to your feet. And write about it for ID.

Now I’m no Ironman (you’ve tagged along with me on my 25K trail run last summer, and I ran the LA half-marathon in December), but in the last year I’ve gotten more serious about running than I ever have before. And there was something so different about doing this activity I loved and knew was good for me, and truly paying attention to how it felt, how I felt, for my job. And then being rewarded—financially, yes, but physically, too—in the end. And did I mention yet that these pretty pink shoes are absolutely adorable?

You can read all about how I ran, I ran so far away, in “Less Cushion for the Pushin’” over at ID. Coincidentally—don’t you love how every article I link to has a little editorial appendix nowadays—ID has a brand-new editor, one Jesse Ashlock, who was previously my editor at VMAN and has a pretty incredible story about getting in a brutal bike accident but leaving the ER because it was too expensive. Congrats, Jesse (and I hope all your scars ended up looking cool)!

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