Street Walker: Visions in transit

Krazy klouds over LA

Trying out something new here on the old G-baby which I hope you’ll like. Actually I’m trying out a few new things, hence the eye-searing pink (if you look at it really hard and then look away, you see green spots!). But one of the new features I want to start doing regularly is sharing what I see while I’m crisscrossing the city on buses, bikes, trains, cabs, cars sometimes driven by other people, and my own two Ecco Biom-ed feet. I snap a lot of photos in transit (and I already use Twitter to talk about it), so this can be a way for me to share all the triumphs and trials of public transportation, plus I hope it will help me to get some posts up a little more regularly. First up, are some bizarre heart-shaped clouds as seen from the Getty, because the sky and I both love LA. The Getty is very easy to take the bus to, and then, of course, admission is absolutely free because otherwise the only (recently-raised) fee charged is for your car.

Another day I snapped a shot of the balconies of the Century Plaza hotel in Century City which looked so lovely as the morning gloom started to lift.

Century City

There’s a huge preservation battle going on that could save this building or replace it with several office towers. I never truly appreciated it, or anything in Century City, really, until I had the opportunity to walk to it from Santa Monica Blvd. on my way to the LA Architectural Awards. The soaring 60’s towers and plazas make for a pretty triumphant street, plus you have to love the pedestrian walkway that leads you over the Avenue of the Stars and directly to…a mall. But it’s a nice mall.

The Century Plaza is the gem in this lineup and not just because it’s a worthy foil to the CAA “Death Star” building staring it down across the street. Designed in 1966 by Minoru Yamasaki, who did the World Trade Center in NY, it’s a sweeping, curvaceous, bodacious glamourpuss of a place. My pal Christopher Hawthorne has more on why he thinks it should be saved, too:  as an “LA statement.”


And finally in this Street Walker debut, a curiously-named apartment for rent near my house in Silver Lake. Architecture freaks will know why to laugh, but if you don’t, there’s more on why this is funny by my friend Marissa over at Curbed LA. See you on the streets!

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