Yes, Alissa, there is gelato in Michigan


If you remember my last post recapping THE BIG PARADE walk through LA, I noted that at about mile 14, we hit up Fix, a tiny, adorable Echo Park cafe (actually, I think we overwhelmed them with our sweaty, salivating masses, but they were great sports). I had heard they served gelato and that fact alone, combined with my low blood sugar and high body temperature, caused me to dreamily order a large cup of half Banana Caramel Praline and half Mackinac Island Fudge. Wait a second, I said, as I slowly became rehydrated: Mackinac lsland Fudge? Who would possibly have a flavor named for a car-free lump of land floating between Lake Huron and Lake Michigan, perhaps known for its fudge but possibly only known to someone who spent most of her childhood summers in Michigan? A gelato company in Michigan. And what do you know? The next weekend, that’s where I went.


Not to the factory, but to Michigan, where my new friend and fellow foodie Marcia took me on a gelato expedition to the fantastic Pereddie’s, a deli and Italian restaurant in downtown Holland, Michigan. There, in the freezer case, I saw it: Palazzolo’s, gelato made in Michigan. We nabbed a flavor we thought might represent the best of Western Michigan’s seasonal bounty but still contained chocolate (a requirement): White Chocolate Raspberry. I figured the raspberries would be the same amazing Michigan berries I bought at roadside farms up north as a kid.


Here we are about to enjoy it at Herman Miller‘s Design Yard. (Don’t worry, I didn’t get any on the chairs.) My sun-baked tastebuds did not deceive me during THE BIG PARADE; this is seriously excellent gelato. But I was really curious about the texture of this particular flavor, which was extremely light yet almost…buttery. Indeed, a peek at the ingredients (only four) revealed something that surprised me:  cocoa butter. A unique twist for sure, but I think you’re going to have to trust me (and them) on this one. Since 1986, Palazzolo’s has made a brain-numbing 600 flavors over in Fennville, and can easily ship one of these babies to your door. Or perhaps you may be lucky enough to dine at one of the many restaurants who already serve their products. But, believe me, this is gelato worth traveling to Michigan for. Or, if you live in LA you’re lucky:  You can always go to Fix to get your fix.

Also, I just have to tell you that I’m posting this somewhere over southwest Utah at 33,979 feet, on my first wireless-equipped flight, thanks to the fantastic Virgin Airlines.

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  • Gloria Antonelli

    Being both Italian and originally from Michigan, I enjoyed your post. I am unable to go up north (MI) this summer and missing the sand and sun. I am in Chicago working away.

    I arrived at your site via an article you wrote. Conventional Wisdom: Eight Ways to Save Design Conferences.”” Loved that too! I am part of a new photography conference that is creating an new format .

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  • Alissa

    Thanks, Gloria! I didn’t realize how much I missed Michigan, sand, cherries and its ice cream culture until I got back there this summer. At least you’re close!

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