Thought for food


Why, oh, why do I get so excited when design and food collide? Redesign Your Farmers Market is a new contest co-sponsored by lots of my favorite places, including GOOD, The Architect’s Newspaper, The Urban & Environmental Policy Institute, and The Los Angeles Good Food Network. To show how design is already helping the flow of local food find its way into our cities, I wrote a short piece for GOOD about how design can help farmers’ markets. We’re looking for ideas from all ends of the food chain—from chefs and farmers, to designers and engineers, to people who just love to eat. Deadline is September 1, let me know if you have any questions.

Winners will be announced September 3 at a very cool event in LA, Farmers’ Markets: 30 Years and Growing, which will take place at an enlarged version of the already pretty awesome farmers’ market that’s every Thursday on the lawn of City Hall. And just in case you did, indeed, recognize that building in the bounty above (Celery Hall?), this beautiful image is by Michelle Park and Manny Garcia who are part of the team from Rethink Your Green, finalists in the Aspen Design Challenge that I wrote about over at Fast Company, who are headed to Copenhagen later this month. Look for more delightful work from them and others in the upcoming weeks.

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