Eat My Words: Transit merch

Not only do I ride the bus, I wear the bus. In addition to the Naughty/Nice shirts they kindly donated for our GOOD events last December, the design team at Metro gave me a ton of flair-tastic pins emblazoned with fun illustrations of their fleet (everything from bikes to trains). I try to stick one on when I’m headed out to an event as a way to have a conversation about how I got there. The pins (which you can’t actually buy, but if you want one I’ll give one to you) are one of the many product offerings from the transit authority, and I was lucky enough to do a story about this trend in Print (who just got a fancy new website, congrats!).

picture-5In addition to the great products being sold by my friends at Metro—including some really beautiful posters by Paul Rogers—you can shop some of the transit shops I talk about in London, New York, Chicago, Washington DC, and even Santa Monica (but you have to visit the actual store). Of all the stores, London has to be the best and most upscale—you can buy everything from wallpaper featuring morning commuters to really lovely china with Modernist landmarks (above)—but that’s no surprise knowing London’s design culture and the fact that the Underground’s been around since practically the beginning of time. Maybe someday we can buy 500 thread-count bedsheets with the Gold Line’s shiny new cars racing across them? A girl can dream.

You can read all about the incredible public transit branding from these cities in my story “Station Agents” [PDF—and a large one at that].

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