Hack 2 Work with Core77


That lonely aimless feeling you felt yesterday was more than the sloth of Labor Day leaving your body. Everyone who had something to look forward to in life went back to school, while you just dragged yourself into the same old office with a hangover and the inability to eat anything without grillmarks. Well, I know just the thing to cheer you up. Today Core77 released its Hack 2 Work feature, a reprise of its popular Hack 2 School roundup from last year. This year, I join plenty of my esteemed peers in doling out advice on everything from taking Fridays off (by the lovely Sarah Rich) to some really amazing office snack gourmet by my fellow foodie Emilie Baltz (with some seriously awesome food styling and photography).

My contributions are:
How to Get Invited to Speak at a Design Conference

Dos and Don’ts For Your Design Firm Blog

How to Shower People With Gifts

Enjoy! And don’t feel too bad for yourself. It is a short week.

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  • http://www.andrewspearin.ca Andrew

    The perfect day to discover Core77, and its contributors, for the first time as I skip the school and go straight to the job to learn for myself.

    Ah, discovery is the creative process that keeps me alive in these uncertain times.

    Thanks for the blog tips! :)