Eat My Words: Designed for play


Say goodbye to off-the-shelf cartoon-character metalscapes anchored in skinned knee-ready blacktop. In the latest issue of I.D. I got to explore a renaissance in intelligent playground design thanks to some of the country’s most playful architects, designers and landscape architects. From the “loose parts” designed by David Rockwell that encourage interactive, construction-oriented play, to a simple grid of tires and sand for math games by Project H Design, to the arroyos by Nancy Power that teach kids about the scarcity of water in Southern California, to Lee H. Skolnick’s astrophysics-educating Rocket Park Mini Golf (part of my Queens walking tour!) these are not your standard jungle gyms. Check out the incredible slideshow of playgrounds as well as some incredibly insightful thoughts about play and education from designers, in “Recess Rethought.”

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