Street Walker: Koreatown


I got a sneak preview of the new school rising on the site of the historic Ambassador Hotel. It’s pretty amazing how Gonzales Goodale has managed to stay true to the original building (even preserving some original walls and fixtures, and the cool Art Deco entrance) while creating a new, ultrasustainable educational and community center.


But after I was finished with the tour, I had a hard time getting back on the bus because I found myself so captivated by the late afternoon sun shining on this stretch of Wilshire. So I started walking.


Koreatown has such a lovely combination of Art Deco towers and Modernist slabs (this is one of the slabs, the Equitable Building).


The old Bullocks Wilshire building, positively glowing.


Whatever this thing is, it’s for rent. Dig the shiny black tile pillars!


The American Cement Building, built as a headquarters for the company in the 1960s to properly showcase their product.


Before I knew it, I had walked out of Koreatown and into Westlake, where I was confronted with this stunning vista of downtown, complete with a disco-dancing General MacArthur. It was such a beautiful day, I couldn’t stop now. I walked all the way home to Silver Lake.

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