Street Walker: Fall harvest


I bused it from the Hollywood Farmers Market this morning with all of this on my back and arms. The bus was $1.25 each way (cheaper than a bundle of rainbow chard), and I didn’t have to deal with the ridiculousness of parking.

Another angle

Bonus overhead shot. Plus it’s kind of cool to have to carry the food that you’re going to eat back to your house. It’s like some kind of complicated physics equation about energy conversion. Now, what to make for dinner…

Mutant squash

Also spotted, but not purchased, at the market:  Two mutated pieces of produce. First this double-breasted squash.

Persimmon of evil

Followed by this persimmon with devil horns. Or bunny ears, depending how you look at it.

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  • Emily

    Lovely! I, too, take the bus to the HFM and always enjoy the feeling of carrying my fruits and vegetables back to Silver Lake.

  • Alissa

    I know, it’s so easy! We’ll have to go together sometime!

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