On design writing in Communication Arts


Communication ArtsDesign Annual is out and it’s full of all the regular goodness that it brings to design students each year who need to know which doors to go knocking on (at least I know that’s how I used it!). And on the very back page, there’s a little blurb by me about design writing.

My quote about design writing in CA

I was featured alongside Chronicle Books creative director Michael Carabetta (oh-so-appropriate since Chronicle published City Walks Architecture: New York), Ted Crawford, publisher of Allworth Press, Armin Vit & Bryony Gomez-Palacio, and the unparalleled Steve Heller. Here’s what I said when asked “Why do we write about design?”

When I started writing about design, no one except designers themselves really understood what it was, so it was my job to compose long sentences of effervescent prose that helped make this process I admired and appreciated irresistible to a new audience. Now everyone knows what design is—and they’re a little overwhelmed by how fast it’s coming at them. So my job is to wade through all the crap, and write quickly but intelligently about the best: Only the people and projects worth knowing, right now.

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