Do the robot at Unique LA!


We don’t celebrate Black Friday in my family. It’s Craft Friday around these parts, and believe me, there’s nothing like some heavy crafting to jolt you out of a persistent tryptophaniac state. It’s been an especially busy 24 hours at the Walker workshop this year since we are all creating protoypes for the robot ornament workshop I’ll be teaching at Unique Los Angeles on December 6!

If you haven’t been to Unique LA, the fantastic biannual design, art and craft extravaganza curated by my good friend Sonja Rasula, it’s honestly the best one-stop-shop for your holiday shopping. Almost everything made by the over 300 vendors is manufactured in Los Angeles, and it really runs the gamut—this is the only show like this I’ve ever been to where I’ve found appropriately cool gifts for guys, gals and babies of all ages, all under one roof.

In partnership with the great folks at my favorite time travel emporium, 826 LA, myself and Stefan Bucher will be on duty to entertain kids and hipsters alike who want to turn an hour or two into their own handmade gift. Stefan will, of course, be schooling everyone in monster-making, while I will be helping guide each of you through the design and production of your very own robot. Each robot will be pre-programmed to help with basic tasks around the house during the holidays. But they’ll also look really good hanging in a tree or a window when they’re powered down for the evening.

Unique LA is at the California Market on December 5 and 6, and my workshop is December 6 from 12-1pm. Stefan’s workshop is right after mine, so you can stay for both! Hope to see you then, and so do these guys, made by my mom and dad:

Mo robots

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