White Christmas

Snowflake chargers by my mom!

Part of the fun of coming home for Christmas is seeing how my mom has decorated the house. You can see a variety of succulents, berried branches, roses, ivy and evergreen cuttings on the table (and some of the candles are anchored in dried split peas and dried berries, so clever). But I thought her simple idea for making the dinner table look extra wintry was too cute not to share.

Snowflake chargers by my mom!

These are just simple glass chargers you can buy pretty much anywhere (my mom got hers at Walmart for about $4). All she did was cut out snowflakes out of plain white paper and put them underneath the plates. That’s it! They’re not glued on or anything, so they can be easily swapped for the next holiday. And just like each guest at your dinner table, every one is different.

Snowflake chargers by my mom!

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  • Liz

    We had a lovely Christmas but part of our best Christmas Eve memories are Donna’s wonderful table settings. We missed you guys. Crested Butte 7-26-10

  • Alissa

    Yes! We will have to recreate them for the summer reunion! Great idea! Can’t wait to see you all then.