The Spanish type


On the last day I was in Madrid, I made a big loop around the city on foot and managed to snap a bunch of cool tapas bar signage.


I loved these little illustrations.


Looks like it used to say something else but I couldn’t tell what.


Really, what more does one need?


Double bonus for the awesome accidental 80’s signage captured above.


This place was the perfect shade of apricot and the perfect shade of mint—a visual daiquiri.

American Restaurant

Some Spanish restaurants make you really feel right at home.

Not just karaoke LASER KARAOKE

Because what’s better than karaoke? Laser karaoke!

Cute branded Metro buckets, I want one!

The Madrid metro was clean, colorful and easy to navigate, but I loved these little branded buckets the most. They were so cute, it almost made you happy it was raining!


I supposed it’s better than a Low Tech Hotel.


I headed towards the Royal Palace but the line was really long for tickets, so I opted to go inside the Almudena Cathedral, which is next door, instead. And then I looked up.


The most vibrant colors I’ve ever seen on a cathedral ceiling, as a children’s choir sang to a hushed crowd. What a pleasant, unexpected treat!

Trufa Helado de Coco!

Speaking of treats, most helados shops were actually shut tight due to the cold weather. But I managed to find a special exception at Mallorca, these awesome little pastelerias found all over Madrid.

Awesome purchasing system at Mallorca

The coolest part was their system to keep track of your purchases as you roam the three-story epicurean playground because they know you’re probably going to eat that trufa helada de coco about 30 seconds after it comes out of the case!

All my photos are here. Hope you enjoyed our Spanish adventure!

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  • robynneraye

    Really jealous! Nice shots, looks like a fun trip….xxx

  • Alissa

    Thank you, Robynne! I am paying the physical price for the fun, of course…

  • Alissa

    Thank you, Robynne! I am paying the physical price for the fun, of course…