Open door policy


If you can remember back, way back, almost two years ago now, before a person named Barack Obama was president, there was a little art show at the Democratic National Convention in Denver called Manifest Hope. The show eventually traveled to D.C. for the inauguration and helped make some of the pieces downright famous. This year, the same group has tapped more than 150 artists for a new show, Manifest Equality, which will be open through the weekend at a former Big Lots in Hollywood. The space was designed by Commune Design (who did the amazing Ace Hotel in Palm Springs that I wrote about at GOOD) and it will feature many of my favorite artists, including my most favorite, Keith Scharwath.


A house was getting gutted at the bottom of our street and every day a pile of architectural detritus would grow on the curb. Keith “rescued” this door, scraped it clean, and transformed it into his piece.


“This door was probably opened and closed many times, allowing or denying access to many people,” Keith says on his blog, where he has more photos. “Now it’s open forever.”


You can see Keith’s door and over 400 other pieces through Sunday. March 7 at Manifest Equality, 1341 Vine Street, in Hollywood. I took lots of photos of the show. Hope to see you there!

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