Angels Flight

Bunker Hill

Yesterday I had to quickly go downtown to do some research for a story.


It was supposed to rain, and even though it never did, the air still had that crisp, post-rain feeling that made everything snap into focus.

Like a castle

I was there to ride Angels Flight, the “world’s shortest railway,” a funicular that was built in 1902. Today it looks like a castle among the modern office buildings.

With a moat around it

It even has its own moat.

My little Angel

Angels Flight recently re-opened after a nine-year hiatus. It closed just before I moved to LA so I’ve never had a chance to ride it before.

Going down

For just 25 cents (or five rides for a dollar), you can ride all the way back to 1902. It’s a pretty sweet deal, I think.

Old looking ads

There are even old time ads to get you in the mood.

Old times tickets

And old time tickets.

Thar she blows

When you get to the bottom, you can look back up at Bunker Hill and try to imagine what it looked like when Angels Flight was built.

Old Angels

Well, this isn’t exactly how it looked, since Angels Flight has since been moved a block to the south. But you get the idea.

Wait inside

I would say it’s probably the best 25 cents you can spend in Los Angeles.

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  • Laura

    Great to know you can still have an amazing experience for less than what you would spend on a stamp. :)

    Nice pictures….really sharp!

  • suki

    How cool – it finally reopened!

    When I lived in LA for about a year, it was closed. I worked at the buildings right above the top of Angels Flight and frequently took those steps next to it down to the market!

  • Carren

    Can't wait to try this when I get to LA :)

  • jsager

    Angels flight is even more beautiful than I thought!

  • jsager

    Angels flight is even more beautiful than I thought!

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