Take the stairs, again


You may remember last year I ventured out for the BIG PARADE, a 40+mile stairwalk from Downtown LA to Hollywood. I wrote a little piece about our adventures over at GOOD, too: “Walking for Walking in LA,” which included some history about the streetcars that used to run the same route, two houses painted in Lakers colors, and camping in a city park. The one sour note about the adventure was that I didn’t make it to the end—a busted knee from running too many half-marathons in close succession gave out in Los Feliz, and I missed out on the staircases near my first Hollywood home that I knew the best.

This year, I’m not making that same mistake. The BIG PARADE is scheduled for June 12 and 13 (which will hopefully be slightly cooler due to June gloom) and organizer Dan Koeppel has smartly set up a series of practice walks from now until then to help us train. I’ll be leading one next Saturday, April 24 starting at 9:30 am. We’ll meet at the brand-new Silver Lake Public Library and go about five miles around the reservoir, stopping at as many architectural gems as I can string along the route, and then of course, we’ll break for gelato nourishment at my favorite Silver Lake establishment Pazzo. Hope to see you then, or at Angels Flight the morning of June 12, when I’ll be healthy, healed and determined to walk the whole way to the Hollywood sign!

Update: Thanks to all of you who came out, it was a great day! Here are some photos and a Google Map of the route, plus more houses we didn’t hit!

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