Cajeta with toasted almonds and banana

Cajeta with toasted almonds (not out, you have to ask for it) with banana from Pazzo

June Gloom lifted right on cue! It could not be more July out there today and there are some beautiful summery flavors at Pazzo Gelato to match. I tried Meyer lemon mojito, which was very minty and refreshing but I was in the market for something creamier. So I tried the cajeta, which is kind of a Mexican caramelized condensed milk. To my utter joy there was even a variation with toasted almonds (made today, but not out in the freezer yet, so you have to ask for it), which paired perfectly with my latest obsession, banana gelato. Like a banana split with caramel sauce. In Mexico.

Where to find this? Visit Gelatobaby’s GeLAtomap!

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